Taking Stock of Short-Term Market Gains

Stocks are among the most popular trading instruments. For those who invest in them carefully, they can produce dramatic returns.

Many people like to invest in stocks because stocks involve buying a stake in a company. However, potential investors should be careful that companies whose products they enjoy are actually worth buying into. Sometimes even well-run companies do not see their true value reflected in the stock prices.

Those looking at stocks for potential investments should take into account whether the sector the company is in is out of favor or has a significant upside. Before buying, potential stock investors should research the company thoroughly and see how well or poorly it has executed quarterly earnings.

Stocks investment
image courtesy of Michelle Meiklejohn/freedigitalphotos.net/

Stocks can provide significant returns but are often considered more risky than other forms of investing. Many have fears of a crash or even a significant down day for the markets.

Binary options traders should pay attention to upcoming events for a company that may provide a quick upside if long or downside if short. Many stocks tend to move up or down significantly on days the company reports its quarterly earnings.

If one feels confident that a company may be taken over within the time frame during which one holds binary options, and that the positive movement will continue, it might be a good idea to go long with the potential takeover.

FDA approval dates for drugs might be a reason to invest in binary options for pharmaceutical companies, although some worry about playing “FDA roulette.” Major sports events for huge advertisers like Nike, the completion of lawsuits and other factors that may influence the short-term movement of a stock can give clues on how to time one’s binary options strategy for stocks.


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